Wednesday, July 17, 2019

My Life In Pictures - July 1st - July 7th

July 1 - Tomato Flowers!

July 2 - Goddess art! I love this so much!

July 3 - Jinxy loves to steal hay from the guinea pig then throw it up. Yup...that is always fun. This time I caught him before he took it.

July 4 - Happy 4th of July from my deck! This is where I spend most of my time! It is my Happy Place!

July 5 - I took a shot of my daughter's woodwork quote. I love this quote and it is totally something that I have taught her. Always find the positive. It is there if you choose to see it. At graduation from 8th grade these sit on a table for parents to take home with them. I have my son's from last year as well. It is such a wonderful memento from the night of graduation.

July 6 - I love taking photos of nature's diamonds on my plants after a rain, or morning dew or in this case a watering from the garden master.

July 7 - My screened in gazebo is by far my favorite purchase from last year.  It is where I spend all my time.

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