Saturday, July 06, 2019

My Life In Pictures - April 8 - April 16

April 8 - I participated in the 25 year challenge. I wish I was as hideous as I thought I was back in the day.

April 9 -NADA

April 10 - My girl loves taking cardboard boxes and adding to our "LIT" Meow Motel. The cats do use it so it is here for now. I long to get rid of it and won't let her make it any bigger at this time although every time a new box comes she does create another motel that can stay until recyclables goes out again.

April 11 - Jixy hanging inside the Meow Motel. The hotel now has fairy lights but this was used at the time.

April 12 - My class loves doing stickers. I headed to Dollar Tree and Walmart and got a couple of sticker books. It is so good for their fine motor skills.

April 13 - When out with my girl especially if we head to Target, Starbucks will be on the menu!

April 14 - My girl turned 14. OMG...where has the time gone?

April 15 - My girl needed a new desk. One that had room for all her art supplies and fit in her already packed bedroom. We found it at Amazon. This Ikea Corner Desk is perfect for her.

April 16 - Luna is a beautiful girl.

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