Thursday, January 03, 2013

When Given The Choice, He Chose School!

Well, things have certainly come a long way for my Handsome. The little guy who used to cry and complain every day of Kindergarten and never liked 1st grade, dealt with second is now loving 3rd grade. So much so that when he was given the choice right before the holiday to take a day off because it was the last day before winter vacation and Goddess was sick and not going he said, "no mom, I want to go. If I don't go, I won't get perfect attendance for the month. Umm..who was this child who cried and complained when his sister wasn't going because she was sick last year and how unfair it was that he had to go?!

Tomorrow he had another opportunity to take the day off. Although we just started school today, my sister-in-law heads to South Africa (she lives in Cali and we only see her two times a year) and I wanted to the kids to get to see her one last time before she shipped off. Goddess was so excited to go and is happy to spend another day with her Aunt. Handsome was torn.

"I want to go but if I do I won't get a perfect attendance."
"So Goddess will be there and I won't?"
Abuela and Abuelo will be there with Goddess and I won't be there?"

Yes and Yes but it is up to you honey.

Tonight he came over and asked if I could call my girlfriend Clary to see if she could get him off the bus. He came over not once but three times. Finally saying, "can you call her and let her know?"

I called, she said yes and Handsome is going to school will Goddess and I visit family.

Seems strange to know we will be away from him but I trust that my friend is nearby and if necessary she will be there for him if something happens during the day like I get a call from the school nurse or something.

We are so very proud of him. School is where he needs to be I just figured one more family visit but I am thrilled he wants to go to school and so is his aunt.


  1. It is so admirable of your son to act that way. You will be at ease while in work since you know that your child is enjoying his stay in school.

  2. this is awesome--most kids don't care about attendance


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