Friday, January 11, 2013

Dealing With Teasing, Bullying or Hurtful People

the models are my beautiful nieces

My 9 year old and 7 year old tease each other all the time. It is what siblings do but as a parent it makes me crazy.

I am choosing to handle it these days the same way I would handle it if it were happening outside the home.

My Tips For Dealing with Teasing whether you are a kid or not:

1 - Take a deep breath (3 deep breaths will make you feel so much calmer)
2 - Keep Calm!
3 - Remind yourself "I can handle this!"
4 - Choose A Plan 
  • Ignore it 
  • Walk away
  • In a firm voice tell the person to stop
  • Make a joke
  • Get help 
5 - Do it!

If all else fails....well than you can take em down. If you are a kid this means you can push, shove, or whatever you have to do. Sometimes people will pick on those they feel are weaker. Make sure they no longer think you are weak. Sue me...if you have done everything as stated above than #6 it is. We are not aggressive people. I don't like violence and I have mentioned this to my kids over and over but honestly if some kid doesn't stop and makes your life miserable, take em down!

If you are an adult, this means remove yourself from the situation immediately. Sometimes this means leaving friends or family behind. There is no reason to constantly battle someone who is hurting you verbally, mentally or physically. Get away. You are worth it! You are in charge of your life. No one can make you feel something if you don't allow it! STOP ALLOWING IT! 


  1. Teasing is normal for kids. When my kid is teased by other kid, I always tell him to just ignore what he hears and just walk away.

  2. Maybe it's true that kids tease each other all the time but sometimes walking away doesn't work and would then hope someone intervenes and comes to the side of the one being picked on.If not it could turn into bullying.I like teasing too but not if someone is offended or not taking it well.


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