Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Would We Do Without The Internet??

Sometimes when I talk to my kids about my childhood compared to theirs I find myself talking about all the time we spent outdoors, reading, playing with our "no battery toys" and having play dates as compared to their internet induced childhood.

They wake in the morning, fight over going onto the computer so they can play a game, check the scores of the football and hockey games, look at photos of cute animals and research things they are interested in.

While I believe that my childhood was awesome, I DO love my internet!

When we first moved here one of the first things we looked into was who was going to be our internet service provider. Who was available and what were their rates?  It is the way it is and I can't imagine anything else.

We are on the internet for so many things; for me it is my blog, my community written website, Facebook, looking up recipes, school projects and banking, editing and sharing photos but with the kids we are also on there for so many other things.

 My Son Handsome:

  • Checks stats of his favorite teams and players almost daily. 
  • Plays and researches his favorite computer, Xbox and Wii games. These kids know how to find tutorials and cheat sheets like masters. 
  • He also takes pre-spelling tests and does reading homework at least 3 times a week.

 My Daughter Goddess:

  •  Is on Pinterest almost every day either looking at animal photos or crafts. 
  • She also plays many 7-9 age girl games and has about 4 favorite go to sites.  

The Husband:

  • Reads the paper 
  • Checks his teams stats
  • Goes into forums to discuss all kinds of very boring things like alternative power and CSS coding or some such thing. 
  • And downloads his favorite songs for his workout MP3 player. 

Without the internet we would all be very bored.

Without the internet; I wouldn't have gotten in touch with 20 of my friends of elementary school, my first employer, ex flames, or been able to see my niece and nephews recitals by video since we aren't near each other. 

During the week, we limit their time and no one is on all day except for me who clocks in the most with approx 8 hours a day and we all believe in taking a break, getting outside and stretching our legs no matter how hot or cold it is.

So, how much time do you allow your kids to sit online?

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