Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Day 2 of 2013

Sending the kids back to school is always hard for me. I know a lot of my friends can't wait for school to reopen after a break but I am the opposite. Being with my kids is one of my favorite things in the whole world and when Teach is home too it doesn't get better.

It may be because both my parents worked so me and my little sisters were always alone. It may be because mom died when I was 12 and dad left soon after leaving me with a lecherous grandfather who molested me and one of my sisters or it may be as simple as I love living in my very own family unit cocoon. It makes me feel safe and secure when we are all together.

This morning we spent the morning taking our time, moving slowly without stress, everything was ready last night so we had extra time for the kids to wake, come to the living room, lie on the couch while they woke up and I even had time to hold each one before we had to get out the door. They are 7 and 9 but still come out of their bedrooms ready for a hug and a cuddle from me. Sometimes they even fall back asleep while I hold them. I know that these moments will fly so I relish in their neediness.

Today I:
Went to my attorney (financial stuff)
Relisted unsold Ebay items
Placed an order for a book I won last week
Talked to my sister and girlfriends Teresa & Clary
Made plans to see my sister-in-law before she heads back to California (oh wait, not California, she is heading to South Africa for the filming of a TV show due in 2014).

Plans for Tonight:
Get homework done
Talk to Teach about financial stuff
Finish laundry and have it all put away before the end of the night

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