Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My Mommy "Just Because" Gift!

Lately (the past three months) Goddess has been making me gift bags of things. Sometimes it is a basket, a bag, a box or a tube containing a mish mash of things. Most of them are her things with some candy and a love note. Of course my favorite part beside the sweetness of the gesture is the love note.

I think kids are just giving people but I love how she works on it alone telling me not to look and eventually brings it over so proud as she waits for me to open and go through it with a big smile on her face.

Do your kids do this? What age were there and how long do I get to relish the attention of my 7 year old?


  1. That's sweet. Hold on to those things.

  2. My mom still jokes about how I would give her 'gifts'...often some trinket I took from her vanity and wrapped up to give her. What a gift that must have been! "'s a little dog figurine...just like the one I already have!"

    Sweet. ♥

  3. Anonymous10:33 AM

    That is really sweet! Yes, Hold on to these....times will come when you question her Love and you can look at these..(because of the teen years etc.)


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