Dressed Up And No Place To Go! My Innocent Baby Girl

Goddess received a hand-me-down from her God sister Jordan the other day. The dress is a size 12 and Goddess is a very tiny 7 (sometimes smaller depending on the clothes) but she just had to wear this dress.

Who could blame her. It is beautiful and dressing up is a favorite pastime of hers.  When she said "Mommy can you take my picture?" I was more than happy to oblige.

Jenny Matlock


fredamans said...

She'll grow into it. Though it looks cute now.

Erin said...

She's beautiful! I used to love to dress up when I was a little girl too. So much fun! :-)

Jenny said...

Wow. She is so beautiful! I have a six year old Grandlittle who'd like to be next on the list for wearing that dress!

It looks really cute on her!

I really like her confidence.

Thanks for linking.


Maria Gagliano said...

Thanks Freda! She loves this dress.

Maria Gagliano said...

I liked to as well Erin. As a kid thought, never had anything to dress up in. She is very lucky.

Maria Gagliano said...

Thanks Jenny! She will appreciate the compliment. Such a pretty dress handed down and she is many sizes too small but makes it work.

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