Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Christmas Gifts from Loving Friends

Ruby Tuesday

This year my friends gave me the most adorable Christmas Gifts. I don't normally exchange with girlfriends we usually just do the kids but this year two of my girlfriends gave me some sweet glasses like this cute holiday shot glass from my girlfriend Diane.

And THIS Twilight inspired hand painted glass from my girlfriend Clarissa. It was so sweet. I had mentioned that I have almost bought it 12 times but always put it back because I have to remind myself that I DON'T need it, I WANT it and I am usually buying for someone else. She really listens and ran down there and got it for me even though she had no idea where to look. She knew the shop, walked in and asked if they knew the glass that Maria was always looking at. They did and wah la...it is now part of my Twilight collection.


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