Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Norelco Wants To Help You Groom Your Son For College With A Giveaway

While it is obvious Handsome is quite a few years away from being college bound (be still this broken hearted mom's heart), some of you have boys ready to go and for that I am sorry. Well, unless you are one of those moms who cannot wait to make him try his hand at laundry and finally realize how easy he had it when he lived at home with his loving mommy who did everything for him.

The folks over at Philips Norelco have a wonderful item to send your young men off with.

We know that the last few weeks are very bittersweet for most parents as the kids pack up their bedrooms and get ready to set out on a whole new path of fulfillment and new set of milestones.

If you have a son, check out this new product which undoubtedly should be added to the overstuffed sweatshirt, baseball caps and junk food suitcases.

The Phillips Beard Styler and Shaver Pro

Product Features

  • All-in-one facial styler and shaver
  • Triple action foil shaver for a perfectly clean shave, even on tough beards
  • Reversible large and medium size trimmer for detailed styling of goatee, sideburns, and moustache
  • Beard comb with 12 settings for the perfect length, ranging from stubble to beard; Detail comb for optimal reach, even under the nose
  • Lithium ion battery with quick charge, travel lock, and storage pouch
Since Handsome is way too young to shave, Teach tried it out for us while on his very first business trip in Chicago.

Here is what he had to report in our ooVoo chat last night:

Him: I like it!

Me: OK, can you give me more?

Him: It is great.

Me: Honey, pretend you are me for one second, writing a review and you, want to do it better than me.

Him: Fine! Shaving is part of my daily routine and anything that is going to make it more streamline and easier for me is key. I don't have time for anything complicated but I do need something that is going to get the job done. My head is shaved and I have a goatee. So there are two different methods I have to use. The styler/shaver can do what I need just by flipping it around.

Me: What do you mean flipping?

Him: Well the shaver is on one end and the styler on the other. There is no longer a need for two razors and it is quicker than using my electric and switching to a razor for the detail. 

The styler/shaver is easy to hold and I like the fact that it is two in one.

It has a travel lock so that it doesn't turn on while in your suitcase which is something I was worried about.

It holds a charge and I haven't had to charge it since leaving.

While I have to re-shave when doing my face and head I really like the styler. I used one of the beard combs and now can just use that to get a clean, uniform look.  It works great in the shower too!

Me: That was really good honey!

Him: But of course! Now, I have to go. I need to work out, take a bath, do some homework and lie in my big, comfortable, Serta Sleeper bed all by myself. Good night!

Me: Good night. Love ya. Hurmpf!

I think he did OK for a first time reviewer on a product he didn't ask for and was thrust upon him by his loving wife who really wanted to be able to do a giveaway for my readers.

Personally, I really like that this is a two in one product. I was looking the box and product before he left and wondered how it would work for him. He shaves often. Completely shaved on his head and face but with a goatee which means he shaves daily. So happy he used it.

For more detail than the Teach or I can possibly give you, check out detailed photos and descriptions on the Phillips site.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary product for the purpose of a review. All opinions are our own and no monetary compensation was received.


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