Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Night Buddies By Handsome and Mommy

The 411 by Maria and Handsome:

We decided to start reading this book together last week while babysitting. The other kids were occupied and I pulled this out of my handy dandy briefcase. "What's that mom?" It's a book about a boy and his red crocodile friend. Want to read? I asked.

Over the next few night we read it alternating pages so that we both took a turn. It was a great experience and the book was a lot of fun. I can't wait to read more books with Handsome and as soon as Goddess can read a little better she will LOVE this story too.

John like Goddess isn't tired and doesn't want to go to bed at bedtime. The next thing you know he has a red alligator under his bed named Crosley. Together they sneak out and right the wrongs like someone stealing pineapple cheesecakes.

Very imaginative and fun. Handsome likes that John has a secret friend who is red (his favorite color) and enjoyed most his time reading with mom. Well, that is what he said when I asked what he liked most about the book. I am sure author Sands won't mind that since the story was generated during bedtime stories between him and his son. 

Hopefully there are many more John and Crosley stories coming. 


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