Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Do You Like To Really Feel Your Music??

Most of my readers know I am a huge music fan. In my 20s I used to follow a bunch of local bands around. Hitting all the gigs, making friends and hanging out at their rehearsals. Taking their photos or doing video work for free because I loved the whole scene. Watching their rehearsals and seeing how a song comes together was fascinating to me.  Now I share my love of music with my kids and we are always looking for new bands. Goddess loves to sing so we tend to focus of female artists. We recently found Joanne Weaver a throw back to the singers of the 40s.

The 411 by Maria: 

I love the buttery sound of her voice. So smooth, sexy and alluring.  We are hearing more and more of these unique voices and Joanne does sultry well.

Black Coffee. As an Ella Fitzgerald fan, I have heard this song so many times and while it wasn't Ella. It was a beautiful version. Goddess thought this was a silly song until I had her listen to Ella's which she loved. Wheeee...that's my girl.

Anyway...back to Joanne.

We Three originally done by one of my early childhood favorites Brenda Lee (thanks to mom), I really liked the harmony on this. Beautiful whisperery singing and classic music combined with something else. An underlying mystical sound that I couldn't quite figure out.

Nature Boy done originally Nat King Cole when done by Joanne was stunning. It reminded me of an Irish lullaby. I couldn't get it out of my head for days. Even the 6 minutes of music was beautiful and soothing with a lovely melody and cool, spacey sounds accompanied by a little guitar strumming. LOVED it.

Ne Me Quitte Pas while I couldn't understand it, it was beautiful.

Deep In A Dream is probably my favorite on the CD. I could hear Frank Sinatra singing it and done by Joanne, it is completely different.

I dim all the lights and I sink in my chair The smoke from my cigarette climbs through the air The walls of my room fade away in the blue And I'm deep in a dream of you

My cigarette burns me, I wake with a start My hand isn't hurt, but there's pain in my heart Awake or asleep, every memory I'll keep Deep in a dream of you

I love her voice on this followed by very uptempo music, synthesizers and laughing. Love it!

When Sunny Gets Blue ahhh...I have always love this song. My mom was a big Johnny Mathis fan and I heard this at least once a weekend while she cleaned the house. He sang it the same way Nat King Cole sang it but Joanne does something completely different. I almost didn't know it until midway through. She sings it so softly and quietly with pauses between paragraphs. Very current for a great old song!

How High The Moon I love her sweet take on this beautiful song. So much softer than the originals which were a little jazzier and more uptempo. Joanne's contemporary voice lends something to this song.  There is a slow build to the ending and her voice singing How High The Moon over and over was oddly soothing.

Moon River is the perfect ending to this CD. Because I was so focused on all the musicality of the DVD, I was often lost in the subtle sounds that were very unique. Not your basic jazz DVD at all. This song brought me back to the focus of Joanne's voice. Very smokey and sensual. Put it on for a night of amore!

Goddess wants to add that the DVD cover has amazing colors.

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