Friday, August 10, 2012

Finishing Up Goddess' Birthday Month FINALLY

Wow..April was full.

Goddess' birthday with us, than with her friends and her class party. It was crazy. She was one happy girl. So fun for her since at 7 she is really into her special day.

It was so fun to watch her act the clown in front of her class. She is obviously comfortable with her classmates and teacher. As they sang happy birthday to her, she stood in front of them spinning and jumping like a lunatic. That is my girl. Cell phone and jumping girl doesn't make a good photo but here they are.

I always feel like it is my birthday on Goddess and Handsome's special day too. After all, these were the best days and gifts of my life.

Beside all these special moments in Goddess' month, a friend of mine who I met through my community website gave Goddess a smore's pizza by Guy Fiori which she found at BJ's. It was delish!!!!

We put a candle in it and took a picture for my friend which didn't come out well but here it is anyway.

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  1. Crystal11:33 PM's wonderful that she has a fun birthday MONTH!(:


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