Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Almost Naked Animals Is Silly!

Almost Naked Animals is based on the quirky designs of Noah Z. Jones, (creator of Fish Hooks), is set inside a tropical resort called the Banana Cabana. The entire cabana's staff members and residents are animals who have shaved off their fur and wear only underclothes – almost naked animals, get it? Howie, a dog, is the manager and leader of the cabana. Each episode follows Howie and his crew and their adventures around the Banana Cabana. Other crew members and residents include, Octo, a detail-oriented, high strung front desk clerk; Bunny, a hyperactive, hyper-enthused activities director; Narwhal, an egocentric entertainer who rules the long and many more.

The 411:

I love cartoons but I am a bit picky. I love cartoons that I can watch with my kids without rolling my eyes or feeling like I've seen this 1000 times before. For me cartoons have to first be funny. second have great lines that appeal to both kids and parents and have odd and interesting characters. Basically, you need to think about the parent before creating a cartoon since we will have to listen to them in the background of the house noise for months or in some cases years. Blue's Clue's anybody?

We were sent a fun gift pack of Almost Naked Animals which my niece kindly took care of with Goddess as I was on the couch recovering from surgery.

The pack was passed out right before she put the movie in for all of us to watch. A T-Shirt for Handsome, Journal for my niece, tote bag for me and the DVD for Goddess! We all sat around the TV to watch our first episode of Almost Naked Animals which Goddess informed us she has seen before. I am not sure if she has seen it in commercials or watched an episode as this was my first time watching and we watch a lot of TV together.

The Animals are Almost Naked because they are all wearing their underwear and while you can see their nipples, they are mostly just funny and very obviously cartoons so other than the name, fear not my friends, your kids will love this!

The DVD features the first 6 episodes of Season 1:
  • It's My Party
  • Saliva Drive
  • One Star Hotel
  • What Would Batty Do
  • Employee of the Month
  • Duck Vinci Code

ey, ey, ey, ey, Almost Naked Animals is the mostly annoying but oddly catchy song that I found myself singing at the post office this morning. 

You can catch Almost Naked Animals is geared toward 6-11 year olds and on every weekday on the Cartoon Network and if you love it, purchase Volume 1 available on DVD late September and only $6.99 at Amazon.

AlmostNakedAnimals.com will be featuring an online community for Almost Naked Animals fans, including a fun new online game, Cabana Craze (we love the games and Goddess has been playing them every afternoon).  You pick Howie, Octo, Naewhal, Duck, Piggy or Bunny and run the Banana Cabana  for points and stars. Select retail items will include codes to unlock extra play areas and videos – once all the codes are collected a special mini game will also be unlocked. With this DVD we entered our first code. Woot!

Important Information To Remember:
  • On September 25, 2012 Volume 1 of Almost Naked Animals, Cartoon Network’s top-rated animated series for kids aged 6-11, will be available on DVD
  • The Almost Naked Animals “Online Super Game” will also launch on September 25th. 
  • CafĂ© Press has partnered with 9 Story Entertainment to launch a new online store on September 25th, featuring Almost Naked Animals t-shirts, notebooks and more. Like this adorable Stadium Blanket which we LOVE!
  • Follow Almost Naked Animals on Facebook
Disclaimer: I received a family fun pack of Almost Naked Animals from Child's Play Communications. No monetary compensation was received and I was not required to make any statements. All opinions are my own.

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