Sunday, April 01, 2012

Maria's Music Suggestion of the Week - Kaya


Bestselling Author KAYA Spins His Musical Alchemy With New Album Release 
 New album traces spiritual journey and return to Kaya’s musical roots – first single “The Alchemist” showcases Kaya’s inspirational brand of adult contemporary / pop-rock


Kaya was performing in front of 25,000 people at 9 years old, and by age 10, he had a gold record. At 18, he had two #1 singles in Quebec, followed up by four subsequent #1 hits.  After he released his fifth album, Sony Music Canada offered him a multi-million dollar deal and proposed a strategy to position him worldwide like a male Celine Dion. At 24, he turned them down and walked away from the business that shaped his youth.

Kaya set out on an existential quest, often sleeping 20 hours a day and found himself dreaming in a way he had never had. He began studying those dreams for an answer to the puzzle his life had become, and emerged from this with the power to do this for others. After years of research, Kaya became one of the world’s leading dream practitioners. Just last week, his highly anticipated new book How To Interpret Dreams & Signs was released in paperback.

Along with his wife Christine Muller, the duo’s texts and CDs have cumulatively sold over one million copies (the biggest seller is The Book Of Angels: Dreams, Signs, and Meditation—The Hidden Secret). Their approach to dream interpretation is an intuitive, non-denominational perspective of symbol decoding that is informed by historical Judeo-Christian texts.

Now as a worldwide best-selling author, music has a new purpose for Kaya. It has become a vehicle to express the message of hope and inspiration that he has been refining for so many years.  His new album BORN UNDER THE STAR OF CHANGE features 13 original tracks, which Kaya wrote and recorded with his long time friend and producer Russ DeSalvo (Paul McCartney, Lionel Richie). Together, they have created an outstanding collection of inspiring songs, showcasing Kaya’s unique singing and songwriting abilities, delivering solid, lush melodies, and pop-perfect production.

Artist website:
Youtube: /user/KayaTVMusic

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