Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Music Pick by Maria - Brigg Fair

While I am not crazy about the video with the heroine chic chicks, I do like the sound of Brigg Fair.  Very catchy lyrics and mellow piano.

April 17, 2012 (LOS ANGELES, CA) - Brigg Fair, the native Brooklyn indie-rock, orchestral, power-pop band formed by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Geoff Ereth, will independently release their debut full-length album “Kill Yourself For Change” today.
The name “Brigg Fair” references the title of a wistful Old English folk song about finding true love.  Ironically enough, Brigg Fair's premiere full-length album draws other influences from across the pond as well, emanating sounds that rival Coldplay and Bloc Party.  However, Brigg Fair’s rooted, beckoning songs on “Kill Yourself For Change” also reveal intrinsic layers of dulcet instrumentals driven by lustrous, honey-toned vocals.  If The Fray courted Kaiser Chiefs and then had an affair with Josh Rouse, their musical love child would be Brigg Fair. 

“Kill Yourself For Change” was recorded primarily in upstate New York by British Producer, Iestyn Polson (David Bowie, Patti Smith).  Ereth met Polson by chance at a Polish doughnut bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which subsequently led to an agreement to make the debut record together. Polson, inspired by Talk Talk’s “Spirit of Eden”, decided to cut the majority of the record live with the band in the studio, including vocals.  Ereth makes use of various instruments on the album which he plays himself: pump organ, baritone guitars, three separate grand pianos, and a collection of analog synths. 

The album also features composers, Brian Senti and Trevor Gureckis, who collaborated with Ereth and Polson on the rich orchestral arrangements for select tracks like “Lydia”, and the album’s title track, “Kill Yourself For Change”.  The resulting effort is somewhat reminiscent of Doves, Josh Rouse, and Coldplay’s “Parachutes”. 

Brigg Fair’s “Kill Yourself For Change” will be released digitally today.

“Kill Yourself For Change” track listing: 

1) Kill Yourself For Change
2) Last Surrender
3) No Devices
4) Lydia 
5) Tides 
6) I Gave You Blood 
7) Departures 
8) You Know Who You Are 
9) Heart Attacks 
10) Jolene


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