Saturday, June 06, 2020

Our New Bread Maker Is Amazing However We Are Eating TOO Much Bread NOW!

At the very beginning of February my husband started telling me that when I shop I should pick up just a little more food. He told me that Corona virus was being felt in other areas of the world and to prepare I should just get more pantry and freezer food. "Instead of 2 cans of tuna, get 4.  Instead of 4 cans of sauce can 6." I was on it and we were slowly getting a small stockpile of paper goods, chicken, beef and canned goods as well as powdered milk and cat food and litter.  The end of February a bread machine showed up at the front door and he said, "Oh yeah, I ordered a bread machine. We are going to be making so much bread so get flour, yeast and sugar on your next trip." In didn't think we needed it. Didn't think we would use it and wondered where we would be storing it. We had one before kids and used it a lot then didn't and eventually it was tossed. 

Well, when the shit hit the fan we were nicely prepared and I was thankful I had a prepper on my hands. We have made so much bread, bread sticks, pretzels and dough for pizza. You can make yogurt, jam, rice and more but I have not done that yet.

Here is my first loaf. I didn't realize I could make bigger loaves until the second one. The book that came with my machine isn't well written. I have been learning as I go.

My first Pizza using the machine to make the dough. 

The fresh loaves don't last more than 2 hours in the house. I have had to piggyback a few loaves. As soon as one comes out, I wash the pan and start another one. 

My first attempt at Easter Bread was using the machine to make the dough.

After realizing how hard it is to cut fresh bread I bought a bread cutter. The bread is so warm when we cut it because no one knows how to wait that it gets squished as the knife goes through it. This bread cutter has made things so much easier. 

We use both items all the time. There is always fresh bread! Thankfully I am not a bread lover like my family I just kinda like it but man, hot bread with butter makes it hard to have only have one slice. 

I highly recommend both

For some reason I cannot find the one I have. This one is the closest.

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