Thursday, June 11, 2020

My Life In Pictures - May 1 - May 10

May 1 - My attempt at a dude. Does he look like a dude. Not sure why I find it so hard to draw men without making them look too feminine. 

May 2 - This guy was sunning himself while my husband was cleaning up the side of the yard. He stayed long enough for the whole family to get a nice glimpse of him. Head raised up above the rock. It was odd how long he stayed like that.  He is pretty cute!

May 3 - Jinxy needed a pillow soooo he used the windowsill. Does this look comfortable to anyone? 

May 4 - These girls are pretty cute. 

May 5 - Hot day. Luna stretched out as far as she can. I cannot image this coat of fur when it is 84 and humid. UGH.

May 6 - We had tenants in the bird house for the first time this year. Today all the babies decided was the day to jump and try to fly. They were all over the deck. Hoping, bouncing and this little guy holding onto the screen. It was so tiny and my cats were going crazy. Thankfully there is no way out of the house or these tiny birds wouldn't have stood a change. 

May 7 - Man life is so different. My son went into the pizzeria to grab our Friday night pies. We always do Pizza Friday. He eats a whole pie every single Friday so he is happy to go in.  I just had to grab a photo to remember how weird these times are. 

May 8 - Found on my son's Snapchat. I think this is a compliment right? LOL

May 9 - Got my daughter some light saber chopsticks! They are so cute.  

May 10 - We cleaned out my truck so we could post it on Craigslist. We obviously had different opinions of how the day was. I enjoyed my time with her. 

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