Saturday, June 06, 2020

My Life In Pictures - April 1 - April 10

April 1 - My husband started his Spring garden which means I lose the top of my microwave stand because this window gets the most sun for a few weeks.

April 2 - Hung out with my daughter in the temporary greenhouse. It was sunny but cold. She did her homework and I did some reading. It was a great day. 

April 3 - Drew a photo of my daughter reading or was she doing art on the 2nd but didn't take a photo until the 3rd to share on my Insta? What do you think? 

April 4 - Slowly filling up the greenhouse. 

April 5 -  Nothing

April 6 - My son asked for some football photos today for his Snapchat/Instapages. No problem. I took about 50 in 6 minutes.

April 7 - This doesn't happen often! All three cats in one pic! 

April 8 - My first digital art! Don't laugh. 

April 9 - My daughter did an art challenge for the month of April. Her pieces were impressive. Look at hers compared to mine above. It's actually laughable.

April 10 -  Life is very different these days. Seeing my kids in masks every time we leave the house is weird.  It is also weird that a few months in we have gotten use to seeing everyone wear one. It is the norm. Never saw this as the future.

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