Sunday, April 05, 2020

My Life In Pictures - March 1 - March 7

March 1 - Goddess's digital art work is amazing. She drew this as an original character for a book she is writing with her friend.
March 2 - My daughter and I went to a drug information meeting at the local school. We were shocked with the table of drugs displayed on a table in the front of the room. All these items were confiscated from schools in my county. Totally disturbing.

March 3 - I love this photo. While waiting for the kids to come out of school I looked out the window and noticed how much everything looked like a water color painting. 

March 4 -  One of the Dr. Seuss days was to wear as many colors as possible. I felt like a crazy person but my toddler class loved it.

March 5 - My kids loved making a sequence stack using the colors of Dr. Seuss' hat. This is so good for their cognitive and thinking skills. 

March 6 - The squirrel show keeps the cats entertained all day long.

March 7 - Some friends invited Goddess and I to see Onward from Pixar. It was fantastic but we went on opening day and the only seats were front row. It was a great movie and I only feel asleep for about 2 minutes. LOL. Those damn chairs are too comfy.

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