Thursday, April 09, 2020

Birthday's Coming Up? Some Ideas For Your 15 Year Old! Hand Picked By My Almost 15 Year Old

My daughter's 15th Birthday is coming up next week and while she understands that it will be a very different birthday than usual I am stressed that she will be disappointed. She knows we are all under stress at this time and is mature enough to realize that as long as we are all together she has a lot to be thankful for. This doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about her gifts. 

Thankfully my daughter has an ongoing Birthday list she keeps at Amazon so I did a little shopping there earlier last month. Just a few small trinkets until we can really celebrate. 

I know many are under the same constraints as me and have been doing the drive by birthday greetings or Zoom family and friend gatherings but my shy daughter would not be into that. So here are some of my gift ideas:

The Comfy Kids! (A Review, as the product was supplied)

Perfect for chilly spring nights and snuggles on the sofa, the original Comfy is now available in the perfect size for kids to get in on the fun! Now available in Pink and Blue!

My daughter has been obsessed with this and does her homework, drawing and hangs outside on the deck with me in the cool hours with me. She loves the bubblegum pink and even has been using mine when she wants to bring it all the way down to her ankles. She is way getting more use out of hers than me.  She really loves the huge pocket that is perfect for keeping your hands warm but she carries her phone and drawing pencils in it. 

 It is great for sleepovers, camp outs, drive in's or as you can see wherever. 

 National Geographic's Mega Fossil Dig - Now I know my daughter is not like everyone's but she LOVES fossil dig sets. This one is great. 

Drawing Sets are great gifts especially if you have an artist on your hands. This one has everything any artist would need.

Little Nightmares has been interesting to watch her play. She is not your typical gamer but when she loves a game she loves a game.  It is cute and spooky at the same time. I watch her play every time she plays. One day she won't want to hang out with me so I take advantage when she asks me to hang out in her room. 

This Is Us is another story telling game. She was obsessed with this and is so upset that she finished the game and part 2 isn't out until December of this year. At least I already have an idea for Christmas.

Here are things that are on her wish list now

Waffle Maker - I love that she added this. How cute! I hope she plan on making me Mother's Day breakfast with this.

Plasma Lighting Ball - I have always liked these too. She has asked for one for so long. It is time to get her one. 

Mythical Creatures Playing Cards. She says these cards are so pretty. I totally agree.
Shiny Washi Tape - So many uses

Magic Temperature Lip Balm. - How pretty are these?
What I realize from my daughter's wish list is that we are more alike than I thought. She isn't a frivolous girl. She isn't spoiled and she doesn't ask for things just to ask for things. I wish I could get her every single item on her list. The only one I picked up was the jewelry shelf because she is using push pins right now. She deserves this shelf. 

I hope this list makes it easier for you to shop for your teen. 

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