Saturday, April 04, 2020

Blast from the Past – Easter From Long Ago


Blast from the Past – Easter From Long Ago

This is a picture of me and my sisters circa 1973. It was Easter Morning and the only thing giving that away would be the white pocket books. We are standing facing the Church and the white hats, dresses and dress shoes were not optional.
We were raised by Catholic parents and my parents took us to church every Sunday.
I am assuming myself to be about 5 or 6 here because my little sister looks about 2 or 3. I am the one wearing the blue coat.
This picture reminds me of very happy times. My parents both around the feeling of community in a small town. You walked out of church and didn’t leave for 20 minutes while your parents talked to everyone.
Funny, I can almost remember the smell of the area and the feeling we had all dressed up holding our pocket books like the little women we thought we were.
I have yet to bring my daughter to Church (that statement just shocked me). My son and I went to Church for about 5 months. I was so adamant about going to Church like my family did when I was little but my husband isn’t going to come and Sunday has become our family day even though we are just indoors.
Tomorrow he is working so I hope to dress the kids and bring them to Church. We will stay as long as they can handle it which I hope is the duration but you never know.
We pray nightly and my kids know Jesus, Heaven and Noah’s Ark but I really want to give them more. I still love the feeling I get when I walk into Church and I want them to have that feeling as they move forward in their lives.
Here’s to going to Church tomorrow and hoping they love it or at least sit still long enough for the sermon.

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