Sunday, April 05, 2020

My Life In Pictures February 20 - February 29

February 20 - Goddess brought the cats this tunnel a few weeks ago. The only one who seems to be allowed to sleep in it is Luna. She has claimed it and I think the other cats know it.

February 21 - My daughter and I sat on my bed talking about the bible. This is my mother's bible. It is full of mass cards. She always put any mass cards she received in the pages. I have carried that on and inserted any I have gone to.

February 22 - My girl and I have been spending a lot of time outdoors. We were hanging out on the rock next to our house and finding rocks and leaves that spoke to us. She is my favorite person to hang out with.

February 23 - Jinxy! No other words necessary

February 24 - My 3 Cats! Look me up on Instagram @my-3-catsss

February 25 - I love this girl so much!

February 26 - My daughter was laughing at how long this mirror makes her look! It does because just now I thought it was my son at first!

February 27 - A is for Alligator. I was so happy with this alligator I drew for my class I just had to take a photo.

February 28 - I won this from Mr. Canary. It is the best. It works for the birds outdoors and for our cats. We put it near our sliders so our cats could watch the bird and squirrel show all day.

February 29 - More of Drawing with Goddess. It is not hard to see which ones are hers.

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