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From the creators of Lalaoopsy with music from award-winning songwriter, producer, singer and former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi - The Princess Twins of Legendale  takes you to an unforgettable world of adventure full of princesses, fairies and magic. In the magical land of Legendale, two brave sisters must come together to reunite two worlds separated by an evil enchantment.

Princess Eve & Princess Dawn
 Princess Eve and Dawn are the daughters of King Solter and Queen Luna. 
Separated at birth by an evil sorceress, and never knowing of the other's existence, the two sisters set out on adventure to discover their past.

Cammie & Kylo
From the Day World, Cammie is Princess Dawn's best friend. With her pet dragon by her side, Cammie is spunky and and full life.
From the night world, Kylo is a hopeless romantic always there for Eve to brighten her day. He is mischievous and caring, and atop his flying horse he is always there to save the day.
  King Solter
King of the Day World and father to Dawn and Eve, King Solter is a loving father sheltering Eve from the tragic event that took her mother sister.

Dume is the evil Queen of the Night World. Jealous of King Solter and Luna - she kidnapped Princess Eve when she was just a baby. Raising Eve as a servant, Dume awaits the day when she can take over and rule the Day World.

The 411 by Maria & Goddess:

 We love watching movies together and make a big production of it.  Goddess will often say she is not into princesses but she was dying to sit and watch this movie. I guess princesses aren't cool when you are eight. 

It starts out as a loving royal family give birth to twins. A blonde beauty named Dawn like her daddy and a brunette Eve like her mom until one day an evil queen takes a twin and the mother dies trying to save her babies. The King in his mourning decides to pretend there was never a twin and raises  Princess Dawn as an only child trying to pretend Eve never existed.

When the Queen turns the world dark not allowing day and night to coexist Princess Dawn heads out on a quest to find out what is happening only to find she has a twin. Together they set out to reunite the two worlds and destroy the evil Queen

We loved the movie of good versus evil and as most little girls know, good always wins over evil. Goddess loved all the little animals and I loved the animation.

There is only one song in the movie that I thought could have used a better audio. I heard the music perfectly but the words were difficult to hear.



·         Includes 5 Bratzillaz Bonus Webisodes


Year of Production: 2013

Title Copyright: © 2013 MGA Entertainment, Inc. THE PRINCESS TWINS OF LEGENDALE™ is trademark of MGA in the U.S. and other countries. All logos, names, characters, likenesses and images are the property of MGA. All rights reserved.

Type: Home Entertainment Premiere

Genre: Animation; Children; Fairytale

Rating: Not Rated

Closed Captioned: English

Subtitles: NA

Feature Run Time: 73 minutes

DVD Format: 16x9 Widescreen (1.78:1)

DVD Audio Status: 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio

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