Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Takes - Holiday Decorations

Tuesday Takes
We decorate earlier than we used to. Kids tend to do that to you. Their excitement ignites something inside you and you want to make it as perfect and special as possible for them.

My husband's decorations get better each year as he purchases more things for the front of the house. We lost our inflatables over the season due to mice eating huge holes in them. I hope those little bastards are warm considering they forced Teach to spend money but we do love our new inflatable.

Teach and Goddess put these up two weeks ago and I love driving up to the house and seeing them especially knowing that my husband and his Daddy's girl helped did it together.

I think we are missing a nice, big wreath over the door.


  1. Looks beautiful Maria!

  2. I love Christmas lights! When I see a decorated house it makes me happy--I love your inflatable, too :)

  3. I love Christmas lights, too.
    I think it looks beautiful - daddy and his little girl did a wonderful job!


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