Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can You Believe It's Almost Here?

Handsome and the Grinch
Handsome and the Grinch!

This week is flying by.
I started a data entry job on Monday. It is turning into a little more than data entry. Don't think they really know what they want me to do. Hopefully they figure it out eventually. Interesting having them talk about me as if I am not there. They are all very nice thankfully which makes taking it easier. Working in an office was the last thing I ever wanted to do again. It is how I spent almost all of my life before having my kids and was never pleasant. Sitting at a desk with chatty woman is never a good thing for me. I prefer the quiet, non drama of being alone at home working from my computer but $12.00 an hour is $12.00 an hour.

It feels strange to start a job (especially one I didn't see coming) the week before Christmas. There is so much to do but so far it has been accommodating.

No work today which means, I will spend much of the day preparing for the next week and a half. The kids will be home starting tomorrow so all holiday stuff HAS to be done.

3 more presents to wrap. This is the first year they will not be even. I started out making sure that they have exactly the same amount of gifts but over the last week, some have been added and I have a feeling they are unbalanced. Is anyone else like this? You need to have the numbers the same with your kids even though one of their gifts costs so much more than the other.

I could buy Goddess so much more since she never asks for $39+ electronic games. The items on her list are usually more in the $10.99 - $12.00 range and so much larger than a Wii game. Started putting Handsome's stuff in bigger boxes just so it looks like more. Kids are so funny. He rips through his stuff in record time just oohhhing and ahhiing...while she opens slowly, looks at it, shows us the item, looks at it again and then has to be told to get her next gift. He is done almost 15 minutes before her and looks at her like, "wait a minute, you have more than me!"

Handsome also is an early bird. We have never opened gifts after the 7:00 a.m. hour. We are usually done before that. His normal wake up time is a few minutes after 6:00 a.m. but on Christmas his present to us is usually waking before 5:00. Hooray. This year we told him to hold off until 7:00 but when I hear him awake, I can't sleep. Now that he is older, he walks into the living room and goes through the gifts spoiling our pleasure of seeing him see his stuff! My parents used to make us wait on the stairs and not go down until they were awake. They went down before us to turn on the Christmas Tree lights, music and get the camera ready. Being such good kids we would never have thought of going against them. Not my kids. No respect!

2 more days and I can't wait. I am so excited to see their reaction to some of their items this year. Hopefully they will be as happy as I am expecting.

How do you do Christmas Morning?

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  1. Yay--it's almost here! And yay--I have a child that has NEVER woken up before 8am on purpose!!!! THAT is my Christmas present :)I love the reindeer nose and that the Grinch visited.
    Congrats on your new job--hang in there and maybe it will become more enjoyable for you. I hope so, but at least you are making $12 an hour!


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