Friday, December 23, 2011

Because God Forbid She Lets Him Take A Photo Alone

Handsome asked for his photo with the Grinch to be taken. His teacher sent him home with the book and the stuffed doll. He needed to write about what he did with the Grinch in a universal journal that the class shares. He was so excited to read what his friends did with the Grinch and since the Grinch goes back to school to move onto the next child he really wanted some photos.

Goddess just couldn't control herself. I had to crop her out of every photo! Except these.



She is completely nuts



  1. I just love your kids... I swear she is going to be an actress or something when she grows up.
    I love her face and her eyes, they are so expressive!

  2. She is a funny child Lorie. My favorite photos are always in front of the tree. They enjoyed their holiday this year.


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