Monday, December 05, 2011

Dead Fred, Flying Lunchboxes and The Good Luck Circle by Frank McKinney

Thirteen-year-old Ppeekk (pronounced "Peekie") finds a very small, very flat, very dead fish. When he comes to life in her hand, he has an amazing story to tell.
In the brilliant underwater world called High Voltage, manatees talk, starfish sing, and practical-joking clownfish encourage children to launch their lunchboxes off the bridge. Now, a fiendish, fifty-foot, prehistoric shark has laid siege to High Voltage and dethroned King Frederick the Ninth (whom Ppeekk calls "Dead Fred"). Megalodon, the morphed monster, reigns amphibiously under the old drawbridge with his army of vicious crabs and blood-red remora fish, whose suckers drain victims' joy and imagination.

Can Ppeekk save High Voltage from the evil Megalodon and return Dead Fred to his rightful throne?

Ppeekk and her friends use everything they've got--exploding coconut bombs, strangler fig lassos, even themselves as human bait--to vanquish the terrifying beast and his rogue army. Their adventures culminate in the battle of their lives, fought in a Category-5 hurricane.

Best-selling author Frank McKinney boldly enters young reader fiction in this fantasy novel that is sure to race and gladden the hearts of readers of all ages. The story was inspired by the more than 1,000 walks to school the author has shared with his daughter and her friends in real life.

What I Can Tell You:

I am completely ready for the movie! Lets go movie studios snatch this one up! Frank McKinney with Kate Mason take us on a delightful tale full of wonder and amazement. Ppeekk (Peekie) is a 13 year old girl who is starting a new school in Florida since moving from Indiana with her mother and father. While walking with her cell phone busy dad on her first day of school she notices a little man on the back of a truck who changes her whole world.  After he blows a magical smoke ring Ppeekk finds Dead Fred. Dead Fred is an almost dead fish known as King Frederick from a underwater world called High Voltage.

Along with Dead Fred, we meet Megalodon, an evil prehistoric shark the size of a whale who wants to rule the areas above and below the water.

With water spiders who weave air bubbles, Ppeekk and her friends must do what they can to return Dead Fred and save the many inhabitants of High Voltage

I enjoyed the book and plan on reading it to my kids this summer. I think they are too young to stay engrossed through 300 pages but I am praying for a movie and more to the series. 

I think my kids will appreciate the world of High Voltage especially the creatures below. Very entertaining and fun while being educational too! My favorite parts were when Dad, finally wakes up and steps in to help Ppeekk. As a parent this is a great reminder to stay in the present and give our children our time. It goes so fast, they are only little once.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy for my honest opinion.

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