Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lifetime Double Feature Giveaway

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Two bereaved families take a holiday vacation to an exotic Caribbean island to escape the memories of Christmas past. Dan Cassidy s (Colin Ferguson, Eureka) wife has left him and his teen daughters for another man. Dana Shaw (Charlotte Ross, Glee) recently suffered the death of her husband, leaving her alone with their two teen sons. The parents and kids develop bonds on a cruise ship and their stay at a beach resort. When Dan's ex-wife shows up to reclaim her family, what promised to be a happy Christmas turns emotionally complicated as each character has to sort out their feelings and choose their own path.

Holly (Gabrielle Carteris, Beverly Hills, 90210) returns to her hometown with her eight-year old son, Ben, to work for her father's toy business. Soon after, Ben watches a man (Steve Bacic, Big Love) move in next door with a sleigh, red suit, and lots of Christmas goodies. Ben begins to believe that their new neighbor is Santa Claus, and devises a plan to set up his mom with Santa Claus.

The 411:
These movies are good if you love Christmas movies and if you are fan of Lifetime Movies. Maybe not in my top 20 Christmas movie list but definitely movies I would watch again.

In Christmas in Paradise, we meet two families celebrating the Christmas Holiday while taking a cruise into the Caribbean. One family is without a father and the other without a mother. The parental units are missing for different reasons; one has passed away and the other has abandoned the family.

Each family is having a difficult time and when they end up befriending each other, the families share a sense of healing and understanding. Eureka's Colin Ferguson and the beautiful Charlotte Ross from Glee are the struggling single parents and they both play their roles very subdued allowing the children to shine. Colin Ferguson spends most of his time making "I am so ashamed of you" and "Please let me help you faces."  The children actors are talented and I love all the hocky singing and prancing about. I even love the rebellious daughter who is doing anything to show how much she doesn't care and the precocious younger sister who seems to have all the answers. Very cute movie. I love happy endings.

Deck the Halls stars Gabrielle Carteris of 90210 fame and a new face for me who is complete eye candy, Steve Bacic.

This is about a widowed woman named Holly who moves back to assist her father's toy company with her 8 year old son, Ben.  As the CFO she is trying to wrangle the over spending by her father's favorite employee Nick. Nick has been hired to boost sales and with his swarm of midget friends and reindeer pets, Ben believes he has finally met Santa. After being set up by her son Ben who writes emails to her from a secret admirer, she and Nick get to know each other a little better. As her son gets closer to Nick, she reluctantly asks him to distance himself knowing that Nick will be leaving in December. When Ben's dog is hurt, Nick promises them everything will be OK. Is Nick Santa? Ummm...if so, he is the cutest Santa ever!

My only problem with the movie is that while Ben asks Santa for his father back, he is still trying to set up his mom. Umm...strange 8 year old.

This is an adorable movie about believing and miracles.

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary DVD from Lifetime who is also providing the giveaway copy.


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