Friday, July 22, 2011

You Can Call Me Mommy Baller! DaGeDar By The Makers Of Zhu Zhu Pets

Wow, I am thoroughly impressed! The Makers of Zhu Zhu Pets have come up with a totally cool new product called dah dah dah... DaGeDar.

DaGeDar is a new phenomenon that will have your kids saying, "I want that!"

My kids were so excited to host this party and contemplated the guest list carefully. We were only inviting four boys and went through our list of boys, I let the kids invite 2 boys each. It was a blast.

We had four stations set up for the boys:

Station 1: The Track Set and Balls

The versatility and skill required to compete on different tracks makes for a totally different and suspenseful racing experience every time.
  • High Speed Score Zone Raceway Two balls race to a single track loop de loop only to find yet another challenge… the ball with the highest score wins!
  • High Speed Stunt Jump Track This track looks simple but don’t be deceived! Great skill is required to go through the loop and make the jump to the cup!
  • Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway Two balls race to cross a grand canyon-like divide, only to be forced into a single track for the win.
Included among the more than 240 collectible DaGeDar™ characters planned for release:
  • Rhinasty – Rhinasty is a one beast wrecking crew. Anything in his path is destroyed or flattened – stand clear!
  • Kranio – Kranio’s menacing features and brute force make him a formidable force.
  • Specter – A dangerous abominable ghost-eagle whose powerful forearms and bone crushing beak make it nearly unstoppable.
  • Jack Fuego – A humanoid fire summoner from the lava pits of Dimension 33, Jack Fuego fights the demons in his mind as he strives to help those in need.
Station 2: Launchers and Accessories

Station 3: Computer 

Station 4: Snacks and juice

When they walked in we let them look at everything first, then brought them over to the Packs of DaGeDar balls. They took their time deciding on their favorites and some of them switched with each other. The balls come in packs of two. I don't know how they did it, I wouldn't have been able to choose.

Then they got to the racing part which they couldn't wait to try.

What The Boys Thought:
"They are very cool!'
"I love their faces!"
"They are all different!"
"Mine is the best!"
"I like that there is a jump on the track!"
"They are the coolest toy ever!"
"I like that they all have their own personality!"

What The Moms Thought:
"Great another toy my kid will want!"
"They are so cool!"
"My husband will like these!"
"Priced right!"

What I Can Tell You:
The set up is super easy.
My kids played together for two hours when I first set it up. That almost never happens.
The end of the track has a closed off section to keep the balls from getting lost. I love it because there is no under couch retrieval involved however the boys never wanted to close it. When I asked them why they would want to chase after the ball instead of closing the door. There was two answers. One boy "I can't open the door" another boy "I like when they roll away and we have to chase them." So there you have it. Question answered.

I love the color. The balls having their own personalities is very cool! Love that you can enter the codes from the balls onto the website to read about the character.

Awesome toy and collectible.

At the end, one of the boys went back to the computer again to check out his DaGeDar codes. It was one of his favorite parts. "I like that the codes are on the balls so you can't lose them".

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