Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ABC Wednesday: A-List Actor or Mission Completed In Less Than 1 Week!! New Mission Established.
 Last Wednesday, I wrote about my failed mission to nab a photo of Mr. Morgan Freeman as he films Summer At Dog Dave's in Greenwood Lake, NY.

Yesterday, I headed into town to grab some milk and drop off a box at a local mom inventor's house for a giveaway. Her company Babybindle is giving away 3 baby shower gift baskets filled with baby friendly items. Head over to her blog to enter (blog). You've got to be in it to win it! Good luck!

As a semi-professional photographer and writer for Around the Lake, the camera is always with me so I drove around looking for the film location for the day. Low and behold, I find it! I see a tiny crowd and a car with a driver waiting. I zone in on the various conversations and hear that Mr. Freeman will be leaving in a few moments. The crowd parts and I see him.

His back anyway. He is sitting in a black chair and I exclaim out loud, to myself. "it's him"! I feel something, what is this, ahhh...I know, I am star struck. Who knew? My hearts flutters in my chest and my mouth is dry but my camera has a full battery and the kids are home so I am in for the long hall. I, am getting the SHOT!

Planting my feet firmly in the ground, I have settled in and I am not moving. Photography or (now) stalkerazzi is about patience, waiting, and knowing you will be rewarded if you stay still.

Morgan gets up from his seat (at least six times) and each time, I put my eye to the camera because he will be walking to that car.

Someone walks in front of my camera.  Grrr.

 He doesn't! But I get his back and decide that may be all I get today. I have two kids home with their dad and I was going out of milk. I need to get home and my cell is in the car.

A gentleman looking like Morgan walks close by, everyone perks up. It sort of looks like him but not. I know it isn't Morgan! Then I hear him speak and I am 100% certain this is not Morgan Freeman. Still others aren't sure, I hear them asking each other if it is him.  Turning, I tell them Morgan Freeman could read me the phone book and I would listen, that is not him!

He is very nice and sits down on a rock to talk to a young fan and that is when I notice Virginia Madsen. She is checking her phone, her face is painted, she is blurry, and there are people in the way but I go for it anyway.

She walks to her car. It's a wrap! People are leaving and I finally realize, this may be it, I may actually get the shot! the camera ready? Will someone get in my way? Grr...none of that matters. Morgan is walking to his car and people are suddenly very quiet. There is an collective intact of breath and he walks out.

Wait for it....wait for it....

He turns to the crowd standing, waiting quietly, and looks at us.

All of us holding some sort of camera, quietly watching him, watch us... and as the sun sets in Greenwood Lake, it casts a warm glow on Mr. Freeman and we are rewarded with a wave and a smile.

As the car pulls away, I smile to myself and wonder if I should shout out something amid the clapping of fans as he passes. What would I say? "Nice job Mr. Freeman! I love you! You rock!" Should I run alongside the car and snap like a crazy person?

Nah, instead I walk swiftly to the car and check the phone for missed hubby messages asking "where are you? There are none! Thank goodness. My hour wait paid off and I am elated.

I am excited and if I could kick up my heels I would have. Instead, I drive to get the milk and begin to map out my next mission....Mr. Rob Reiner/Mastermind behind Castle Rock Entertainment!! Wish me luck.


  1. What a great Choice for A day. I am so glad you were able to capture your picture after an hour wait.

    Thanks for your visit today.

  2. Astounding! Loved the whole drama! Great A post for ABC Wednesday.

    ABC Team

  3. Wow! What a thrill and what a great capture(s). Brava! Patience paid off.

  4. good shots, esp given the circumstances!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Great post for the A day and what a good shot you got of Morgan Freeman. I also like the one of Virginia Madsen.

  6. Gosh, what a shot..... I love Morgan Freeman...One of the all time greats.

  7. OMG! I would have been peeing myself - sorry, but it's true. I love him SO MUCH! Do I sound like a teeny bopper? Who cares! I remember seeing him the first time years ago on the soap opera "Another World" and was totally in love! I was really mad when he left, but then was thrilled he was in the movies! LOVE LOVE LOVE him and am green with envy you saw him with your own eyes. :D

    abcw team

  8. That was toooooo exciting!
    Mr Freeman looks so relaxed (and handsome)!
    Jane x

  9. Yay! You got two good shots! Good job :)

  10. Anonymous5:27 PM

    AWESOME!! I knew you could do it.
    Those are great photos. I like you could have Mr. Freeman read me the phone book and it would send chills down my spine.
    You are now officially paparazzi! TeeHee
    Lorie of The Shewbridges


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