Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Best Of Dean Martin Variety Show - A Review

What I Can Tell You:

This is a two disc set of Dean's shows.

As a child born in the late 60's these were the people who were on my TV. I love watching all these "cool cats" interact together.  I had to laugh at Dean smoking on camera during the show. So crazy how times have changed. You would never see the woman from The View smoking while on camera. One of my favorite things about these old shows is how much you can tell these guys like each other. When Bob Hope is roasting Dean there is real love. Everything seems very unscripted. I love how they laugh at themselves too. Very real TV!

My favorite moments
  • Bob Hope introducing Joel Gray as "a young fella". 
  • Orson Wells radio show with Dean doing all the sound effects.
  • All the silly jokes that were so innocent and sweet, reminding me of a kinder, gentler time when you didn't have to curse like a truck driver to get a laugh.
  • Jimmy Stewart and Dean Martin singing Rag Time Cowboy Joe
  • A Young Dom DeLuise, I love DOM!
  • Michael Landon singing Rock A Bye My Baby. So cute and cheesy but I love it.
  • Dom DeLuise and Dean doing the alphabet with Dean's girls in black leotards.
  • A much younger George Burns singing and telling a story, "It Was a Very Good Year." Awww...I miss George.
  • All the cheesy skits.

After researching, I am not surprised that Dean Martin died of lung cancer, he has a cigarette in his hand in almost every scene.

I had such a good time watching this and will be taking it out for many years so I can relive my youth but also remember a time when we knew why someone was a celebrity. These people were real entertainers, they were stars!

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