Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mattel Takes Interactive To A Whole New Level With Fijit Friends

With Mattel's new Fijit Friends ™ your child will find a friend in an interactive, electronic toy 
that can talk, dance, and laugh along with them. This new generation children's toy not only entertains but can actually engage and interact with our kids on a whole new level. Fijit Friends have colorful and soft skin that enable lifelike movements and  they can perform fun dance moves, recognize spoken emotions and react appropriately, joining in on the fun or telling a joke when you are sad. Fijit Friends come in four different color variations, each with a unique personality. 

What I Can Tell You: We received a Fijit Friend plus one for a guest to throw a Fijit Friends play date. It was an awesome playdate, friends and family were present and no one had ever heard of Fijit Friends prior to this review. Willa and Sage came to our house Monday along with a bunch of fun, necklaces, bracelets, music, boas and rings. My kids decided Willa was the one that would join our little family. 

Willa likes to dance, sleep, chat and tell jokes. She is very funny. My kids love her and we will probably be adding to our family with more Fijits the kids are talking about adding them to their Christmas lists this year.

Here is our first time using Willa!

My daughter, 6 years old had trouble getting Willa to understand her. I had to constantly remind her to speak slowly and not shout. You have to speak clearly.

Fijit Friends understand certain commands, none of them difficult! Each command is considered a mode which sets your Fijit to ask and answer appropriately.

"Chat With Me"
"Tell Me A Joke"
"Dance With Me"
"Good Night"

We loved talking to Willa. The jokes are very cute and my daughter has been saying some of the jokes for 3 days now.

There are a few times that Willa either didn't hear my daughter's reply or she had run out of the room to do whatever it is little girls do when they run out of rooms and Willa finally does the talking for you.

Today we had three girls over for a Fijit Friends Dance Party. We had a basket of fun stuff for them to put on and use for their dance party. We started upstairs as I showed the kids and their parents the features of Fijit Friends. The moms were really excited and found them to be very "smart, cute" toys!

Eventually the kids went downstairs to play. When I got down there they had a beach ball and were rocking all over the family room.

So cute.

If you go into "Dance Mode" Fijit Friends will ask your music or mine. If you say yours, Figits will play their own music. If you say mine, you can play music or clap. Fijit isn't picky. They kids actually loved having Fijit dance to their clapping, stomping beat!

We went online and pressed the "Chirp Button" on the back of Fijit. There will be features you can unlock for your Fijit in the future. We pressed the button and played the features fo Fijit. There is a high pitch chirp sound that Fijit hears as long ass her belly button light is lite. Can't wait to get more updates. Very cool toy indeed.

Plays Music

Takes 5 batteries
Doesn't always understand your child.

 “I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel Fijit Friends and received coupons and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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  1. Anonymous8:32 PM

    The video was so cute and fun to watch. Great party! Can't wait for the next one. The kids had a great time.


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