Fierce Fun Toys (Learning about animals is fun using 3 senses) - Review & Giveaway

We found a winner to share with you!! Just check out this companies trophy shelf. You just don't see this everyday.

If you have not heard of Fierce Fun Toys, LLC yet, you are missing out but I am so happy to introduce you to them.

Creator Angela Larson says it all started one morning in the shower. She had an idea to start up her own company and moved forward. We should all be so enterprenorish! It took me to the age of 44+ to get there. With her business sense and her husband's proclivity for emptying a room, Norman PhartEphant was named. After the birth of her second son, she released Norman to the public and Fierce Fun Toys was born!

Norman PhartEphantTM is a young African elephant adopted by a U.S. zoo, and the change in diet does not sit well.  He becomes a very gassy pachyderm.  Although gassy, Norman explores his new home: intrigue and suspense build as he meets his neighbor, making a new friend.

The Norman PhartEphant collection of stories captures kids' attention through the silly humor of farts, and then seizes the moment to teach a bit of geography, cultural exploration and the joy of friendship. All this and more in less than 695 words each.

From Angela Larson the writer of many humorous parenting articles and wonderfully talented illustrator Kenny Durkin comes Norman PhartEphant series.

This 10-inch super soft plush toy has sound! Squeeze his tail to hear one of eight different ‘pharts’, along with an "Oops", and "Sorry!" Too cute and adorable to actually be rude!

Leaving a home where there were too many koalas on too few trees, Harry HiccersTM relocates with his family to the opposite scenario: a zoo with trees but no koalas. Even while hiding in the trees, watching from above, Harry can’t help but make new friends.  Can his appetite for eating foods beyond Eucalyptus, creating his hiccups, give him the courage to explore the new zoo?
The Harry Hiccers story A New Zoo captures kids' attention through the silly humor of hiccups, then offers suspense and intrigue as the  characters build a friendship. A great story for calming fears about the first day of school or moving to a new environment. All this happens in approximately 800 words.
From the creative writer Angela Larson and immensely talented illustrator Traci Dibble.
The 10-inch koala plush toy has sound! Squeeze his tail to hear one of 7 different 'hiccups' sounds, along with a "Pardon me", "Excuse me", "Sorry, mate" and "Whoopsie daisy"!  Not your average koala toy.

Living in the zoo’s swamp is an interesting challenge for a bright-eyed young hippo like Ben KaChooTM. You see, Ben has allergies. After accidentally sneeze-jetting into a crocodile named Arrow, the two start an unexpected friendship. How will this change the swamp… forever?
The Ben KaChoo story Sink or Swim captures kids' attention through the silly humor of sneezing, then offers suspense and intrigue as the lead characters figure out their relationship. Fierce Fun Toys seizes the moment to teach a bit of cultural diversity and inclusion. All this in approximately 700 words.
From Angela Larson, writer of many humorous parenting magazine articles and incredibly talented illustrator Laura Brown comes Sink or Swim.

The accompanying super soft 10-inch bright pink hippo plush toy has sound! Squeeze his tail to hear one of six different 'sneezes', along with a "Whoa", and "Excuse me"!

Clearly not your average hippo, or even your average sneezer!

What I Can Tell You:
My kids loved these. My 21 year old niece who was over and opened the book then proceeded to read the books to the kids right away loved them and anyone who has come over in the past week and a half loves them. 

Beside being cute, the books are a wonderful way to talk about manners and are full of big words to expand a child's vocabulary. They also serve as a reminder that everyone hiccups, sneezes and yes, farts. No reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. I also love the fact that the animals make friends in of the books which is a great way for children to see that despite differences anyone can be a good friend. annoyed that this is working. It is our first video together and he does talk about the stuffed animals. Why is my video coming out so choppy? Why is a 2 minute video only showing up as 30+ seconds? Grrr

Going to ask The Teach to check this out for me tonight! Making me crazy. Hopefully tomorrow, the video will be up and looking normal.

Another message you missed from my video is:

Fierce Fun Toys, LLC is a philanthropic for-profit company that donates a portion of our proceeds to a few amazing charities that help children everywhere, including Half the Sky, which supports orphans in China, and The Smile Train, helping children with cleft lip/palette worldwide. It is at the core of our mission.

The Giveaway:  One lucky winner will receive an animal of their choice.

To Win:
Mandatory Entry.  If this is not followed, none of your extra entries will count. Visit Fierce Fun Toys on Facebook and leave a message on their wall, then come back and leave the link as your main comment. Also tell me which animal and book is your favorite by Midnight, July 27, 2011

Sponsor: Fierce Fun Toys

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