Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby Rock Apparal Brings Out The Rock N Roller In Even The Youngest Fan

When Handsome was one he received the coolest shirt from his Godparents, it still is my favorite and if I could find a photo I would post it (spent 2 hours looking through archives grr I need a better system). It was a little black shirt that said Guns and Roses and had GNR's first album cover. I loved it!

Baby Rock Apparel is the coolest shop, with the hippest clothes for kids.  If you are a rock loving fan and love hip, fun, quality clothes for your children, this is the place for you. It doesn't stop at just clothes either, they have so many wonderful item that you just can't find anywhere else.

Then there are the Rock Star, coolest, hippest, T-shirts for babies up to size 8. It was so hard to choose just one for Handsome and Goddess as I loved them all. I could totally max out a credit card here.

We settled on Lead Guitar, a hot, blue shirt that is so soft. Like the kind of shirt you can't throw away because it is so comfy, lived in and yours!!!

Handsome loved the shirt. He says it is very soft and he loves the colors because it is like the flag. Awww...sweet. He loved having his picture taken for the post and three days later is still wearing the shirt. Thankfully we have been indoors for the past two days so it is going into the wash today! When he takes it off to put on his PJs I am grabbing it for the wash.

Then I put the shirt on the model of the house. Goddess, loves posing. She cracks me up with how serious she gets! She poses like a pro and I found it impossible to choose just one. She selected her favorite.

I love this one even though it is a little blurry.

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  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    I love her t-shirt. It's so cute. Goddess is a little cutie.:)


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