Thursday, May 05, 2011

Our Zhu-niverse™ Royal Wedding Play-date Was A Regal Good Time

Yesterday I had a long awaited play date set up for Goddess and her best friend Gabor (not her real name). We have been trying to plan this since September and it finally happened. Goddess was so excited as she headed to school.

After I got home I found a big box waiting for me with a colorful sticker on the side that read

Are you kidding me? I was so excited....after spending hours watching the Royal Wedding coverage with Goddess, she was going to host her very own Royal Wedding complete with a Cepia Zhu Zhu Princess Castle, Zhu Zhu Princess Ballroom and Horse and Cepia Zhu Zhu Princess Carriage.  Today would be the perfect time to do it. I didn't tell her until we were in the car going home, plus we gained an extra two girls to accompany us and play along.

Zhu Zhu Royal Wedding Play Date

We  got home earlier than them and I headed into my gift supplies and pulled out another box containing a Zhu Zhu (it was a gift for a birthday party coming up, but I could grab another. How could I just give one to Goddess and her friend!?) We gave one of the Zhu Zhu Princess Prince and Princess Hamsters's to a friend who had a birthday last week and the girls sat down to play, even my son joined in with his Kung Zhu Zhu Zhus. It was a great time.

Zhu Zhu Wedding Invitations

First, they got to put the castle together with minimum help. They played and marveled at the dancing Zhu Zhu's and Clary and I talked about the size. We love that it was compact. This is the perfect size! Not too big, not too small. Big enough for everyone to play at the same time.

Picnik collage

I called them over to the table to select the Princess's Dress, Ring, Flowers and Cake from a sheet provided from Zhu Zhu. They were so cute!

Picnik collage

Next we sat down with a bunch of crafts to create wedding invitations. We had all the Elementary grades covered and the invitations showed it. Our Kindergartners did a lot of stickers and made hearts. Handsome in first, wrote a demanding "You must come to my party and bring gifts." And our older girls worked hard on creating pretty invitations.

Picnik collage

When I brought out the rolls of toilet paper and put them on the table they were a shocked. What the heck? Then I explained that we were making wedding dresses for the Princess! It was fun to watch them work together with the help of my humble assistant Clary who cut my massive packing tape for them. Where the heck is my scotch tape anyway?

Picnik collage

Last, they decorated a wedding cake. Ok, due to time constraints I must admit it was an Entemann's Pound Cake that I let them frost and decorate with sprinkles but they didn't care!

Picnik collage

Over all, our party was a smashing success and everyone loves Zhu Zhu even more, if that is even possible.

What I Can Tell You: The colors and sounds are sweet. We love the costumes. We love the colors of Princess Snow Cup and Prince Dashington. We love the size of the castle and the girly colors. We love that music plays when they dance. We love the carriage where the Princess can get inside and another Zhu Zhu hooks up like a horse and pulls the carriage. This truly is the perfect Zhu Zhu kit for girls.

We had the best time, please check out video when you have a chance. We all would recommend this to ages 3-10.

Disclosure: I received this box of Zhu Zhu Products from Zhu Zhu through a MomSelect campaign and received no monetary compensation for my honest opinion.

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