Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fragments Of Life - A Quick Catch Up

So much happening I don't even know where to start.

Organizing time to handle everything that needs to be done while still maintaining a life is hard but if you force yourself to map out time it can be done.  Shutting the computer off is highly recommended. If it is on you tell yourself, ahhh one moment, but you can get sucked in easily, so shut it down.

Signed Handsome up for Cub Scouts or whatever they are called for his age group. Handed over 72 bucks and know absolutely nothing. The whole sign up seemed very unorganized. When he asked if he was a Cub Scout, I told him I had no idea.

Loads of negative energy on my street. A once peaceful area now brims with conspiracy and a suicide. Nothing in the news over a week later and everyone wonders why.

Reading as much as I can about small business. No time for fun books. Need to educate myself on how to run my business. Buzz Chic is doing well on Twitter but my blog and Facebook are sad. Trying to spend some time getting those numbers up.

My new favorite show is Son's of Anarchy. So good! Like Soprano's on bikes.

Love listening to my Goddess sing, sweet and she really has so much emotion behind it. My favorite part is how she doesn't always know the words. Like Taylor Swifts, Love Story. "I talk to your groundhog, pick out a license, it's a love story, baby just say yes." Love it

Voted on the library budget yesterday. We have an awesome library. Wish more people came out to vote.

Didn't sign a petition yesterday, it was talking about putting a fence up in the playground. Our playground is already small. The reason it was started was because a mom feels that a preschooler will get hit by the kids on the swings, or has been hit by kids on the swings. What happened to watching your kids at the park? Make sure they don't run in front of the swings. Watch your kids! I have been drilling into my kids heads since they were old enough to walk at the park, "watch the swings! watch the swings". They walk all the way around them, and tell other kids to watch the swings. It has been done forever by moms. Maybe we all need to put down the cell phones and pay attention when our kids are at the park. Just saying!


  1. much going on. A suicide on your street? So sad

    I do watch my many kids at the park..but they still somehow at least once walk in front of a swing and get knocked down. They are just so excited and run run run without looking. I say again I DO WATCH MY KIDS> I have 5 little ones.. 5 one is running one is swinging one is climbing one is walking in front of the get my drift. Not always easy to just judge parents.

  2. There is a lot going on. Suicide is always sad for the people it leaves behind especially.

    I am sure you do watch your kids. Kids will always run and accidents will always happen. A fence at this park will not work. It will create another problem as it is already a small park. There are five other parks around and none of them have a fence around the swings. I see what happens at the parks where I go. Me and two other moms watch all the kids, pick up fallen kids, always conduct head counts and wonder where all the moms are. When I head to the park I watch my kids, others may find me rude for saying hi and walking behind my kids and I am sure they judge me for not spending time to talk to them. I am not talking about you with 5 kids. I am not talking about the moms who try to control and handle their kids, I am talking about the absent parents are are NOT paying attention. Who are not participating in their child's time at the park or who are not teaching them park etiquette. Judging is not what I am doing. What I am doing is leaving a fragment of what is happening this week in my life.

  3. I agree that it is sad to see a mom with her child, and she's talking on the phone the whole time. Soon the kid will have her own interests and not have any interest in Mom.

  4. I agree 100% on the playground thing--it's ridiculous, and i love that you didn't sign the petition; people need to use their heads more.

    My son was fortunate enough to grow up in a scout troop with amazing parent leaders who knew what they were doing. it's a shame that your son's troop is so far disappointing. Hopefully, having you join will make a difference :)

    Listening to our daughter sing in the shower is one of my husband's and my joys in life. So sweet....

    Welcome to Friday Fragments! Thanks for linking up.

  5. I'm like you--hang up the dang phone already, quit texting, whatever, and watch your kid that's just ran out into the street why dontcha?! lol
    When I signed mine up for T ball this year it was such chaos and confusion at first. We didn't even meet our coach until the second practice, didn't get uniforms until the first game--it was crazy but I will say well worth it. My daughter has had so much fun and gained so much confidence in herself. Hopefully Scouts will work out for Handsome too.


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