Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Silk Milk 10 Day Challenge

As a Buzzagent I recently participated in a Silk for Milk 10 Day Challenge where you swap your regular milk for one of the Silk Milks.

I am a big milk drinker so I knew this would be a difficult switch for me but we coupons for free milk, why wouldn't I try?!

The first type we got were Silk Very Vanilla and Silk Chocolate because everything tastes better with chocolate!

I had a friend over Miss Steph, Holla! Oh, yeah...milk..and decided to test it with her.

Pouring the two types, we decided to go with the non-chocolate one so that we could have the better one, the chocolate last. This way if we hated it, we could wash it down with the almighty chocolate.


Boy were we surprised when the Very Vanilla tasted amazing.

Steph: Wow! This tastes great!
Me: This is really good!
Steph: I bet this would be good in a smoothie
Me: I want to try it in coffee!

Then we picked up the Chocolate.

Steph: Ummm...
Me: I
Steph: Like
Me: The
Steph: Vanilla
Me: Better!

Then we cracked up because that is the way we roll.

What I Can Tell You:
The challenge was easier than I thought. It The Very Vanilla is by far our favorite. Even Goddess asks for it daily. It tastes great in cereal, coffee and straight up.

Although we didn't like the chocolate, regular or we loved the Almond and coconut milk a lot.

The Folks at Silk would like you to think about the many ways to incorporate Silk into your families diet.

Silk® Vanilla in a cup of Joe adds a sweet richness without any of the cholesterol you’d get with dairy creamers or milk.

Hot. Chocolate. Heaven. Warm up a glass of Silk Pure Almond® Dark Chocolate and enjoy an indulgent treat. Bonus? It’s got fewer calories than hot chocolate made with typical dairy milk.

Looking for a meal for the whole family? Take your favorite quiche recipe and instead of cheese and dairy milk, load it up with lots of veggies and Unsweetened Silk (soy or almond) for an extra boost of nutrition.

Magic Bran Muffins. Silk Pure Almond® adds a lot of flavor to all that fiber. These good-for-you muffins come out with the same great texture as muffins made with milk.

Do you like Pina Colada? Try this high-calcium version. Mix Silk Pure Coconut™ coconutmilk, pineapple juice and rum, then pour it over ice.

Soylicious Smoothie. Meet your new favorite breakfast. Chocolate Silk Soymilk (Vanilla works, too), berries, banana and ice. Blend and enjoy.

Sit down for family brinner. Breakfast for dinner = Brinner! Try a little Silk Unsweetened Soymilk in scrambled eggs.


  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    My husband liked the chocolate. My next item to buy will be the Very Vanilla. Next for your post.

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