Friday, April 22, 2011

The Night Night Book - Perfect Before Bed Time Book

As a parent one of my favorite times of the day is night time. I love the calmness that surrounds the close of the day. The kids are bath, in PJs that make them look so much smaller than they did during the day and everyone is calmer, quieter and ready to buckle down for the night.

Book Lover Parents long for their children to have the same kind of love. We will read rounds and rounds of the same book, drop everything to read or listen to them and "only one" quickly turns into two or three before bed. 

I can never have enough books for my kids so when the opportunity to review The Night Night Book came up, I jumped at the opportunity. 

What I Can Tell You:
Both of my children loved this book. My Handsome read it to all of us first. Than I read it to Goddess four times. On the fifth time I asked her to read it to me and she did a good job thanks to each page consisting of one or two sentences and most had some of her sight words on in. This will be a great first time reading confidence builder for Kindergartners. After the first two pages, they already know that Night, Night will be coming up and they can work on the rest.  If my kids were babies I would read this to them every night. Also, the size is perfect and as a board book the pages will not get ruined with little, wet baby hands. 
Handsome (7): I just like it!
Goddess (6): I love the pictures and when they say "night, night".

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  1. I like the book. It interest me. Well, I think it's a good book for kids. Thanks!


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