Saturday, April 23, 2011

HexBug Nano Makes An Appearance at Our Easter Egg Hunt - HOUSE PARTY!

We have had one of the most fun Spring vacations ever. This is my third Easter Egg Hunt in 4 years and I love throwing them. Having my kids friends and their moms come over for some Easter activities and treats makes my heart sing so when Mom Select was looking for Host Bloggers for the Easter Hex Bugs, I jumped at the chance.

Hexbug Easter Egg

We started the party with an Easter egg hunt that included the 11 Hex Bugs.

The Goddess Look Mom, I got a Hex Egg!


The kids loved the egg hunt and headed indoors to sort through the eggs. Whomever had the most Hex Bug Eggs won a prize but they were only allowed to keep 1 so there was some swapping as each kid picked his favorite.

They were dying to open their eggs but I wanted to prolong their agony because that is the kind of host I am so I made them play a game for more prizes (as if this was hard on them. Ask kids if they want more prizes and they will always say YES).

We played some rounds of freeze dance. If they moved when the music stop they were removed from the group. Whoever was standing won a prize.

Can you tell who the winners were almost every time?

We had the adults sit and the kids move to the side so we could play a couple rounds of Caterpillar Crawl. The kids in groups of two, got down on their bellies and had to push the egg with their nose to the finish line. Whomever made it there first, got a prize (thank you Dollar Store).

Our two most competitive boys were at it again!

Picnik collage

Most of my house parties I only do one or two activities but this time because of the amount of people who showed up (everyone!) we stayed very structured. Thank goodness Mom Select gave me a ton of activities to choose from. Dizzy Bunny had the kids spinning and hoping then putting their Hex Bugs on a Hex Bug Spiral Starter Set while a mom timed them to see whose Hex Bug made it to the bottom first. This was a hit. The kids love the Starter kit and so did the moms because of the size. "Nice and compact"! They also colored cute little baskets to take their Hex Bugs home in. The moms loved this too!

What I learned: A play date with one or two kids plus mine can be a free for all more than that and structured activities is the way to go.

The day ended with no too much clean up needed and no Tylenol. SCORE!!!

All the Moms love the Hex Bugs and most were at my first party! They have all purchased Hex Bugs since the party for their kids and other children. I love being able to introduce my friends to the latest, greatest products for kids. After a so much activity, today was spent resting up for Easter tomorrow. Thank goodness the gray, cold day made me feel less guilty for not taking the kids anywhere.

There is still time to get out and get a Easter Hex bug for your child's basket. Enjoy!!!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary party kit from Hex Bug through Mom Select for this review and house party.


  1. Just love the picture of your angel in pink! Thanks for dropping in my blog on my entry for ETHEREAL...was in hiatus for a while and I'm back now. Followed u on google and networked blogs.

    May I asked what camera were you using? Love love the portrait shot.

    AVS Photographs
    Three Little Feats

  2. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun.
    I love Goddess's dress, she looks so lovely!
    Hope your whole family had a wonderful Easter and a fantastiv weekend.


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