Monday, April 18, 2011

Momma Moments Monday

babybindle has started a Momma Moments Monday Meme where they are asking for your defining momma moment of the past week.

My Momma Moment was when I watched my son and daughter celebrate her birthday this year. In the past few years my son was very jealous of her gifts because his birthday is after hers and he didn't want to understand that this day was hers and his would be coming up. He wanted to open her gifts and got mad if we told him they were hers. This year was so different. He wanted her to close her eyes so he could bring her gifts into the room. He sat and watched her calmly making statements like, "you wanted those", "I bet you like that gift", and "ohh that looks fun."

When it was all done he cleaned up the wrapping paper and asked her what her favorite gift was. It was nice to see him accepting and maturing!

Picnik collage

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  1. How sweet... your children are truly special gifts from God.


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