Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Spirited by Rebecca Rosen - A Book Review

Thanks to Harper Collins, I received an early reader copy of Spirited by Rebecca Rosen which hit the shelves of all book stores yesteday.

Popular psychic medium Rebecca Rosen's fresh and hip prescriptive program empowers readers to heighten their intuition, connect with deceased loved ones, and surpass the psychological roadblocks holding them back.

In Spirited, readers learn how to dig into their past to identify the root of the "damage" that's keeping them from living their best lives. Medium-to-the-stars Rebecca Rosen shows us how to draw on the power of our intuitive gifts to connect with spirit energy—loved ones who have passed—to provide the clarity necessary to master real-life issues, including relationships, job fulfillment, finances, and body image.

In her colorful and youthfully vibrant voice, Rosen recalls how she discovered her psychic gifts and recounts her experiences helping thousands of clients, including Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox Arquette. She reveals how she taps into a person's energy and relies on the spirits around him or her to gain insight, and explains how—through exercises, meditations, and her special guidance—we can develop similar skills to interpret the signs in our own lives and find success and contentment.

Direct, down-to-earth, and sometimes sassy!

Yes, Rebecca is all that and then some. I love her and you will too! Check out this story that Nightline did on her, which aired last night. It is very interesting and shows what she does including validations, and she explains how she gets her messages.

The book is an interesting read with easy to follow, well explained meditation exercises which will hopefully finally allow me to get to that place. I have been trying for years off and on.

I loved reading about how she came to realize her gift and the journey her life is taking. I believe we all get divine interevention at one time or another in our lives (it happened yesterday for my sister), if we choose to see it so why not be able to get messages from a spirit guide?

On top of being a great book if you are interested in pursuing the ability to find your spirit guide or to unlock past "damage" that has stopped you from reaching a higher plane; this book is a a great workbook with places for you to write your notes as you complete guided exercises.

Rebecca hits on a lot of things I learned from a favorite book from my past entitled "Many Lives, Many Masters" where she talks about how we all have to learn certain lessons in each of our lives in order to move onto the next plateau. Also how we are all players in each others many lives, like your son may have been your father at one time, or your husband your brother, etc.

Whether you believe in any of this or not, I believe Spirited is a lot more than just a Channeling Guide to the spirit world. This book is a great self help book. The "Root Issue Chart" is a great place to start if you are looking to get to the root of why you do certain things and how we can move past the past.

For instance:

Syptom: I have no patience for needy people/relationships and cut them out.
Issue: Relationship Issue
Root Issue: Growing up around narcissistic parent

There are a lot of eye opening moments in this book that will have you rethinking your life. 

Rebecca takes a subject and her Gift and shows you how we can all do what she does. By using your intuition, meditation and some easy peasy steps a la Rebecca style we might all be living a more serene life.

This is a fantastic book. Open your mind, drop your baggage at the door and invite in the new you.


  1. Wish she was coming to my town! I love also Sylvia Brown. Several years ago I went to Cassadaga in Florida where alot of the mediums live and it was very interesting.

  2. I like this book.
    Thanks great post

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the book, this one I'm not too interested in. I do believe so people are more intuitive than others and they can some how "feel" the presence of their loved ones who have passed, but I'm not sure there are those that can "see" others futures or predict what is going to happen to others. Just my opinion as I have seen too many people taken advantage of by scam artists. But, who knows.

  4. Great review! I am going to check around for a copy. I wish there were some Canadian tour dates.....


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