Friday, February 19, 2010

Sky Watch - Beautiful Blue

Picture 888

Picture 927

Sky Watch Friday can be found here.


  1. Nice capture of the plane in the middle of a clear sky. Wish we had that weather here today. :)

  2. two great photos! love the blue sky from between the boards.

  3. Shey, Thanks I love the way the plane came through. It was like a ghost coming through the blue sky.

    SLS, Thanks! The sky looked so blue compared to the white of the snow and the wood, I had to take the photo.

  4. Beautiful and interesting sky shots. The first is crisp and clear with the plane, while the angle of the last through the patio... fab!

  5. Beautiful pix! Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you back. :-)

  6. Both are terrific shots... for different reasons.
    I really like the airplane one because I find them so interesting and awe-inspiring.
    Then I just love the perspective of the sky through the porch railings... really pretty especially with the contrast of the white snow.
    Both so gorgeous!


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