Friday, February 12, 2010

Rainbow Bright Makes A Comeback

Thanks to a campaign through Mom Select I was able to participate in a campaign for Rainbow Bright.  I received 10 CD's to share with my friends and to get their feedback on.

Remember Rainbow Bright?  Back in 1980, Rainbow Bright hit the scene with her colorful hair, clothes, friends and animals. Rainbow Bright lived in a magical kingdom called Rainbow Land.

Rainbow Bright's best friend was her magical flying horse called Starlite.

Rainbow Bright's other friends were called the Color Kids and they all were colorful and had their own animals.
The villians Murky Dismal and Lurky live in the Pits and hate everything colorful. They spent their time trying to capture Rainbow Bright

Fast Forward to Now 2010 and the story is a little different but still just as colorful.

A little girl called Wisp lives in a colorless, unhappy world.  Wisp then becomes Rainbow Brite and changes the dreary world into Rainbow Land. Rainbow Bright and her friends (all of different hues) now create all the colors in the universe. 

The Interactive CD's that I received were so much fun. The each had a little animation of the Rainbow Bright story, an introduction to the characters and some fun games. My daugher Goddess, (4.5) was in love with the puzzles and matching games. 

While I am still waiting on some reactions, so far all Rainbow Bright reactions have been positive. From Mother's to young daughter's, everyone loves the new Rainbow Bright.

Tiff (7) - Loved reading about the characters, played the games and printing out the pictures to color them.

Ava (4) - Enjoyed the puzzle games and her mother loved introducing her to Rainbow Bright, someone she loved as a child.

Victoria (6) - Wants to start collecting the dolls and her mother promised to find the one she has in storage.

Anthony (4) He loved playing the matching game and his mother was happy that Rainbow Bright is back because she is pregnant with a girl and wants to start buying the dolls.

Katie (9) Loves the horses and really wants some for her birthday.

Check out the Hallmark's Rainbow Bright site where you can also introduce your daughter to he new Rainbow Bright.

Personally, I think the colors and cute Sprites are adorable. I played this game for way too long. Also, I love the beautiful animation. This is just so girly it makes me happy.  Rainbow Bright, isn't just beautiful and colorful, she also spreads her positive messages of courage, kindness, and hope. 

Available now at Target. Coming soon to Toys R Us®

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  1. I used to watch this when I was little. Can't believe how many old shows are coming back! Next thing you will see Mr. Ed again only a new horse.


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