Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Banquet - Comfort Meals On A Budget

I moved out very young. It was the day of my High School graduation. After having problems at home, it was time to go so I went. As a kid with limited funds, a part time job at Kmart I ate a Banquet Chicken Pot Pie and Banquet meals, well a girl can't live on Romain Noodles and Spagetti O's can she?

With Banquet I felt like I was eating a home cooked meal. I could get a ton of them for under $5.00 and have enough dinners for the week. It was the kind of comfort meals I was used to without spending my whole little paycheck.


  1. I thought getting a Banquet Chicken Pot Pie was a treat as a kid. I loved them.
    Now, I'm more likely to buy the family entrees from Banquet when they are on sale. Sometimes buying the family size entrees is actually cheaper than buying the meats and making gravy for the meal. So it always pays to check what price they are going for when you shop because it could be cheaper than buying meat that you'll have to prepare.

  2. I just put a Banquet chicken pot pie in the microwave! Love Banquet on those lazy, don't want to cook days.

  3. These are great foods... I think it is wonderful that they are giving back to their customers.
    Thanks for the info.


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