Saturday, October 10, 2009

What's A Little Competition Between Friends?

At least once a week, Lauri, Clarissa and I get together for weekly girl time. We eat, have coffee, laugh, yell, and chat about whatever is on our radar at that moment.

It is one day that I truly look forward to each week. There is nothing better than hanging out with your girlfriends, especially when they feel like family and you can totally be yourself. Put your feet up, go into the cabinets and refrigerator, turn on the TV or computer as if you live there. For me, that is a sign of true friends. Love it!

Last week my girlfriend and I got together for our weekly chat.

Location: My house
Time: Between the hours of 9:15 and 11:45 (the hours that Goddess is in school)
Menu: Heated up coffee and flaky biscuits
Soundtrack: The songs on my MP3 Player
Weather: Cold but beautiful
Agenda: Review Rummino as part of a Family Review Network Campaign
Participants: We were down one Clarissa so it was only Lauri and me.

We took out the game, read and re-read the instructions.

The game is easy to learn. It seemed complicated to us at first but after playing we thought, "and why did we find this so complicated?"

Basically it is rummy with tiles!

If you are like me, you love board games. It is a great way to talk, laugh, challenge and finally someone comes through victorious in the end. Unless you are like Lauri and I who screwed up the scoring so we both got the same score because we gave each other 1 point for each tile. Duh!

Fun, easy to learn, and I am dying to play again! That basically sums up a good game to me.

The only problem I had was that you really need a tile holder. You have to keep your tiles a secret from the enemy other player. It is nearly impossible to keep the tiles from falling over and letting your enemy friend see your tiles.

Gift Idea for the holidays perhaps. Good for ages 8-100.

I received this game for free to allow me to write a fair and balance review as part of a Family Review Network campaign. The words and opinions are all my own.

Now for the balance of the review; I present Lauri's (my game partner) review of Rummino:

I thought the instructions for the points were a little confusing in the beginning.  There is really a lot there to remember.  The other aspects of the game were enjoyable though.  

I liked that it wasn't another board game, and the game play itself was pretty easy to follow once I got the hang of it.  The tiles are easy to handle and they are large enough for even a blind bat like me to read.  I also liked that it was not the type of game that went on forever but it was still challenging enough to hold my attention. 

Overall I think that even though kids probably would get a little confused with the calculations, that it would be a great family game so the adults could help them out with the scoring and definitely a great game for adults.  

I personally had a great time playing it with you and we had some really good laughs.

Disclaimer: I was given the game for free through Family Review Network's campaign in order to conduct a review. All words are my own.


  1. Thanks, Maria! I think it's great that you even asked your friend to voice her opinion. I'm starting to think that my family would really like Rummino, too! :)

  2. This looks like a lot of fun... My yougest son and I love to play the card game rummy so I bet he would like to play this with me.
    Thanks to both you and Lauri for great reviews.... I only wish I lived closer to you so that I could join your weekly girl time, it sounds like a lot of fun!!

  3. I think you would fit right in with our weekly "meetings." It is so cool because it is just our time. No husbands, kids, housework or anything...just us! We do feel comfortable enough to talk to each other and we have some dynamics in our group that are very important; we trust each other and we are not judgemental. And from your postings and comments, you seem like just the kind of person to fit in.


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