Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Grasshopper

Camera Critters
This week, while waiting for Handsome at school, Goddess squatted down and picked up what I thought would be a flower, a clover or some other priceless present. This time she came toward me with something moving.

She was amazed that it sat on her hand staring at her. I was amazed and worried that it didn't hop off onto her face or something. I took pictures with my teeth clenched, worried at any moment she would scream when it hopped. It never did. She held it for about 2 minutes while they stared at each other. Then the grasshopper turned around and hopped off her hand.

The last picture was her face after it hopped off! Priceless.

For the bigger photos, head over to my photo stream at Flickr.


  1. She seems so happy to be holding the grasshopper. What a neat experience for her. thanks for sharing your critter photos.

  2. New special experiene for Goddess great sandy

  3. She's such a cutie! Nothing wrong with picking up bugs, ya know ;-)

  4. Thanks ladies! She did love it and is still talking about it.

  5. She is very adorable!

  6. I totally agree with my friend Oskar, she is sooo ADORABLE!
    Fabulous pictures!
    Happy Camera Critters
    purrs and love

  7. She has such a love of the world... I am so impressed with how she looks at everything. She could only have learned that joy from you. Thanks for sharing those gorgeouse pictures with us.

  8. Children aren't fazed by half the things that scare the living daylights out of us! We should learn from them.
    Love the last photo!

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  10. Very cute pictures but I have to agree with you--I'd have my teeth clenched in anticipation. There's nothing worse than a surprise grasshopper attack to the nose!


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