Saturday, October 24, 2009

These People Are Crazy! What Not To Do As Parents!

I honestly try not to judge anyone. Who am I to say that someone is wrong? But, the story of the Heene Family just disturbs me and totally pisses me off.

To be totally honest, I hate the fact that I am even writing about them because this is what they were looking for. They just happened to use one of the most vile ways in my book. They used their child, their innocent children, their flesh and blood!

My stomach and heart ached while I watched the news coverage of the balloon as it reached heights of 8,000 feet. How could a boy servive that? Then when there were reports of something falling out I was sick.

Watching the family on the news after they "found him hiding upstairs" was nauseating. The mother holding her two older sons and the father holding his "found" son. Head down, everyone's mouth tight, I knew it. They were lying! The worst part for me was when the mother decided to speak up and thank all the emergency personal who were quick to assist. What she should have been saying was, "I am so sorry to have wasted all of your time, energy and money searching for my child who I knew exactly where he was". Disgusting.

So now she has admitted to the hoax. Seriously! What the hell is wrong with these people? What message are they sending their children? Telling their children to lie to authorities is disgusting. What kind of adults are they creating.

Twisting the innocence of their 6 year old son to maintain such a lie is down right dispicable and I am appalled. Are you so self important that you believe your own fame for your stupid balloon is more important than raising your children with integrity, honesty and self respect. How dare you!

Here is Falcon showing where he hid in the "garage". So it wasn't even the attic. Imagine putting your son up in the beams of your house?

The "Aha!" moment that led authorities to realize what happened, was an interview with the family "Larry King Live,"  In the interview the Heenes asked their son why he had not come out from hiding when they called his name."You guys said we did this for the show," the boy answered.

How did they even figure this to be a good idea. How did this mother even feel this ok. The only reason I would believe a mother, a woman, a sister would go along with something like this is if she feared for her life. There is nothing someone could say to me that would make me use my child to get media attention.

I believe all three of these boys will need to go through therapy which will hopefully reconcile in their little lives why the people they trust, the people the love, the people who care for them would use them in such a disgusting way.

Is this truly what they wanted for their son?

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  1. Anonymous12:45 PM

    This whole thing sickens me, as well.

    Beyond the horrendous decision to use their child to perpetrate this hoax, though, is all the emergency personnel tied up trying to rescue this boy. I'm thankful none of them came up with a damgerous scheme to "save" the child and was injured by performing some unneeded heroics.

    I am stunned at what people will do for attention. There's something seriously wrong with those parents.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more on this! I was sick to my stomach, too, when I heard about this boy possibly being in the balloon or falling out. These parents are disgusting. I hope the boys will get the help they need. I agree that the mom may have been put up to it by the husband and in fear of him. He is a seriously disturbed, immature individual. The one bright spot is that the mom finally did the right thing and confessed.

  3. Being the survivor of emotional abuse, the only thing I WOULDN'T tolerate was the abuse of my children. That was when I knew it was time to get out. I think (but this is my OWN opinion) that she is just as bad as the dad. Those children need to be away from BOTH parents, they will have such scars if they are not nurtured and loved as CHILDREN, not as tools to an end.
    Sorry to be so forceful, but I agree that there is NO reason to use a child for any scheme!
    And, yes, it is a good thing that there was so REAL emergency that those selfless first responders were needed for, but were tied up for this ridiculous situation.
    I'm, done... sorry... off my podium now... Please forgive.
    Thank you! :-)

  4. What message could these parents possibly have thought they were sending when they basically told their kids, "Let's lie to the media, authorities, etc and take up the time of very important people for money and fame!" Heinous.

  5. I could not digest it really.


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