Mellow Yellow and Blue Monday - Perfect Together


This week Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow are brought to you by Goddess, who was standing in the Children's Museum next to a Lion Statue. I loved the colors and quickly snapped but she was busy looking at the dragon.

Who she then yelled at, telling him, that he was to leave this place and leave the smaller dragons alone. "You are bad. You will not harm these dragons. Go! Now!"

Then shouted "He's gone. I must tell the dragons."

The dragons were happy as she explained, "You don't have to be afraid. The bad dragon is gone and you are safe. I love you."

Then they celebrated and she partook in some underage pretend drinking from the chalice right before I shouted for her to "please do not put your mouth on the disgusting, dirty cup."


  1. Wonderful story and beautiful pictures. She is so cute, I think she will grow up to be a social worker or a doctor. Definitly someone who takes care of others.
    She has a heart of gold!!

  2. Awww ... she's precious! i love that last photo :)

  3. great shots!! u got a lovely daughter :)

    u may view mine if u have time

  4. Your princess is gorgeous!

    Here's my mellow yellow little chef.

  5. Very cute little princess. Gorgeous! Kindly check out my entry here.

  6. Very pretty and like your kiddo she is cute. Happy MYM!


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