Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twilight Support Group

Calling all Twilight Addicts!!!!

Do you have Twilightitis?
Twilightitis - Can't move past the saga; refuse to move onto another book;can't stop researching Twilight online; have already watched every You Tube video with Rob Pattinson; watched the DVD over 2 times.

I simply cannot get enough of Bella and Edward. There are a million books out there I am dying to read but nothing is grabbing me. I took 3 months to read Breaking Dawn because I refused to let go of the Cullen Family. Once I was done with book 4 I knew it was over.

I am praying that Stephanie Meyer finishes Midnight Sun because Edward's voice is missing from The Twilight Series almost making him a secondary character. I know she is busy with the movies and all but the series has already been written she just has to write from his prospective. It should be easy for her.

If you are a Twilight Addict like me; write me (ree026 at and lets see if together we can come up with a way to move past Twilight. What is the next great love story? What books are good that will take the place of my obsession?


  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I need to join your support group! The Twilight Saga is "BLISSFULL TORTURE" for me. I'm not a book reader, but I wanted to read the first book before watching the movie to see what all the type was about...I was stay up til midnight reading during the work week to finish the first book. I sent the 2 boys to their grandparents for the weekend and completed the second book in 1 sitting. For the third book I was reading again til midnight during the work week. The forth book I read in 2 days this past Memorial day weekend. I watched the movie last night and dared my kids or husband to talking during the movie. I loved the books more than the movie but I'm still missing the Cullen family deeply.

  2. This is so strange! "Anonymous" wrote almost verbatim what I will write.... started book 1, took a week or so to read, finished book 2 in one day.... just finished book 3 last night (will rush out to buy book 4 this afternoon)... I've read "Midnight Sun" online...I'm too old for this! The sad part is I am a single Mom with no man in my life and I just ache for the connection/love that Bella and Edward have. And get this ... I dug out my DVD of "Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire" last night just to get a look-see at Cedric Diggory (played by Rob Pattinson). GOOD GRIEF. HELP?!?! -jean in NH

  3. I love that two people spend Memorial Day obsessing over my obsession too.

    Wish there was a way to get hold of them, they are both anonymous grrrrr....

  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    I too am finding it hard to let go of the Cullens, Edward more. I have read all 4 books 3 times (in a row) I have watched the movie at least 3-4 times a week. I dream of the books and movie. I am hooked, and I am 32, not 13. Is this bad...I can't be the only one out there that is counting down the days to Nov. 20th...right?

  5. here's a suggestion for another romantic vampire romance to read. it's kind of similar but even more complex of a world, and more adult. there is an hbo series (true blood) based on it.

  6. Anonymous1:26 AM

    I never, ever, ever thought I would like anything Twilight related because I am not into sci-fi or fantasy at all. I mean at all. I hate all that stuff. But then last Halloween, some channel was showing the movies and so I watched them in the privacy of my own room and I love them. Then I went to "Breaking Dawn" alone. I attempted to read the books, but I really don't like them... I am really just a movie fan. Every now and then I think of hot Edward. I am 39... what is wrong with me?!

  7. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I too am a latecomer to the series and and obsessed with the connection between Edward and bells. It seems to have unlocked a fairy tale ideal in me... And now my life seems so boring! I have a great family and husband but they are seeming very mundane in the shadow of these movies! I'm now trying to go cold turkey- but cannot wait for the last film to come- although I don't know what I'll do then?. What the hell is this- I'm mid 30s- too old for this!


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